The work has started with Apps for Carers

Mobile applications (apps) and websites for support of informal carers. That's the idea of the Erasmus project Apps for Carers (A4C), coordinated by Linnaeus University.

In the European Union informal carers provide around 80 percent of the care to family members, friends or neighbors. Caring for a loved person can be demanding and have a negative impact such as physical and psychological exhaustion, social isolation and other issues.
Apps for Carers (A4C) is a Erasmus project intended to contribute to the wellbeing of informal carers using mobile solutions like mobile applications (apps) and websites.

A two-year project

Apps for Carers is a two-year project co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program currently delivered in Sweden, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, from six partner organizations under the coordination of the Linnaeus University (Sweden). January 2017 began the process of selecting mobile applications and websites that can be used to support informal caregivers. During the next two years, the project is expected to lead to:
• A selection of mobile apps and websites currently available that serve as a support for informal carers.
• A set of training methodologies and tools for improving digital skills and use of mobile solutions for carers.
• A manual for practitioners in health care and information and communications technology (ICT) coordinators/educators.
• A new mobile app which will include a repository of the selected apps and websites in each partner countries, information and tutorials on their use.

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